The Calendar

The premise of “52 Weeks in Slovakia” is that Slovakia
offers a unique cultural “feast” weekly to the attentive
visitor and does so rhythmically year after year. Our
goal on the site is to create a collection of at least one
essay that will timelessly show a snapshot of life in Slovakia
one week at a time. Below are those weekly snapshots of
life in Slovakia at the turn of the 21st century and some
methods by which we plan to fill a few of those spaces.

Week 1
January 1 – January 7
Topic: Silvester and Three Kings / Slovak Independence /Chatovka at Silvester

““Ring Out, Wild Bells” – A Poem for the New Year”
“An Eyewitness Account – Slovak Independence Day – January 1, 1993”
“Meciar, Vladimír Meciar – Father of the Slovak Republic”
– “September 1993: National Geographic – Accounts from the Velvet Divorce
– “The Czech Republic – 20 Years Without a Name
– “Griffith: The Birth of a New State
– “Vladimir Meciar – Father of the Slovak Republic – ‘A lot of Slovaks like Meciar; some dislike him.‘”

Week 2
January 8 – January 14
Topic: Hidden Corners of The slovak Kitchen

– “Caj s rumom recipe – Tea with Rum
“Cigánska Pecienka Recipe – “Gypsy Liver” Recipe”
“Gulaš Recipe”
“Hriatô recipe”
“Kapustnica – Pani Stefka’s Christmas Cabbage Soup Recipe”
“Langoš recipe”
“Onion Soup Recipe / Cibulacka “
“Oškvarky and Oškvarky Recipe”
“Varené víno recipe – Hot spiced wine recipe”
“Vianocný punc recipe – Christmas Punch Recipe”

Week 3
January 15 – January 21
Bernolak’s Birthday and the “Birth” of the Slovak Language

“Two Slovak Words that Do not Translate Well – Zmrzlina & Šlahacka”
“How to Speak English with a Slovak – Confusing Words”
“How to Write Slovak Emails – Ditch the Diacriticals”
“The Great Vowel Shift”
“Changing Languages Changes Your Personality – Lingual Personality”
“Klobasa and Other Slavic Ways to Say Sausage”
“Footnote: How Slavs Greet Each Other”
– “How To Write Better In English – 4 Simple Steps” (not yet published)
– “Bernolak” (not yet published)

Week 4
January 22 – January 28
Ski Week

– “Ski Week” (not yet published)

Week 5
January 29 – February 4
Coal Holiday / Flu Holiday / Slovakia on the Internet

– “Coal Holiday” (not yet published)
– “How to watch Slovak and Czech Films on the internet using Torrent Files ” (not yet published)
“5 Slovak Resources that I Use Every Day”
“Google Doodles about Slovakia”
“Erecting Paywalls and Tearing Down Barriers in Online Media:
Will the Slovak Solution become the Global Solution?”

Week 6
February 5 – February 11
Visiting Slovak Families

– “The Discomfort of Becoming a Member of the Family” (not yet published)
“How to Beat a Slovak to the Bill”
“Being Told How to Pee”
“Every Morning in the Village – 4 Slovak Housekeeping Tips”
“How You Cross Your Legs and What it Says About You – “The European Leg Cross””

Week 7
February 12 – February 18
Ash Wednesday and Social Ball Season

“Ash Wednesday Comes and Social Ball Season Ends – Ples”
– “The Obligatory Trip to Venice” (not yet published)

Week 8
February 19 – February 25
Bush-Putin Summit

“Footnote: Bush-Putin Summit February 24, 2005 in Bratislava, Slovakia”
“Footnote: George W. Bush’s Speech in Bratislava – February 24, 2005”
“Footnote: Joke – A Slovak Joke about the Coming of the Communists in February 1948”

Week 9
February 26 – March 3
The Annual Killing of Morena

“The Annual Killing of Morena”

Week 10
March 4 – March 10
International Day of Women / Names Days

“The International Day of Women and a Chance to Win a Contest – MDŽ and Name-days”

Week 11
March 11 – March 17
The Slovak Nation Meets The Slovak State

“Why Nationalists March Through Bratislava Today – Why Neo-Nazis March Through Bratislava Today”
“The First Slovak State in 1,287 Words”
“The Martial Arts / Self-Defense Style Invented in Bratislava – Krav Maga”
“What Does it Mean to Be Slovak? Zlatý Bažant Reponds – Slovak Identity”
“A Healthy Disrespect of the Police”
– ““Slovakia is a Small Country” – Not Much Truth Behind the Complaints That Slovakia is “Too Small” and “Too Poor”
“Respect my Authority: Police v. Teacher, Government v. Parent”
“The Right Kind of People”
“The Hinlicky Rule and the New York Times – Ringing in the New Year”
“Chechnya Isn’t Czechoslovakia”
“Donuts, Tacos, Kolaches”
“Footnote: The Origins of the Word “Ogre” – Where Hungarians the Original Ogres?”
“Slovenia – You DO Know Where It Is”
“Slovenia is not Slovakia – Youtube Video”

Week 12
March 18 – March 24
Spring Open Air Markets

“Photos: The Open Air Market on a Spring Day – Mileticova”
“Before Americans Had “Cage Free, Organically Fed, No Soy Feed, High Omega 3, Free Range Eggs” Slovaks Just Had Eggs”

Week 13
March 25 – March 31
Bear’s Garlic

“Ramps, a Word Americans Should Stop Using”
“Chicago – The Field of Bear’s Garlic”
“Can Bear’s Garlic Kill You?”

Week 14
April 1 – April 7
The Liberation of Bratislava – April 4, 1945

“The Liberation of Bratislava – April 4, 1945”
“Footnote: Kežmarok Library”

Week 15
April 8 – April 14
Gagarin Circles the Earth April 12, 1961

“A Man Even Americans Should Know – Gagarin Circles the Earth”
“Is Slovakia Stuck in the 1950’s? – 13 Examples of How It Is”

Week 16
April 15 – April 21
Lambs to the Slaughter / Palm Sunday

“Lambs to the Slaughter”
– “Baca, the Risk Taking Entrepreneur of Slovak Society” (not yet published)

Week 17
April 22 – April 28
Easter Sunday / Easter Monday

“An Easter Gift for My Readers: The Elusive Hrudka”
“Women Watch Out for This in Slovakia – Whips”
“Translating Sibacka: The Whipping Ceremony”
“The Slovak Whipping Ceremony – 11 Reasons to Hate It – Anti-Šibacka”
“10 Videos that You Might Not Like – The Sibacka Captured on Film – Šibacka Videos”
“Easter Monday in Slovakia”

Week 18
April 29 – May 5
The First of May – A Religious Holiday,
A Communist Holiday, and a European Union Holiday

“An Inheritance from Communism? – Slovak Workers and Pat a Mat”
“Try this for Your True Love Tomorrow – Maj”
“Happy Easter Again ! When Easter is Celebrated Among the Rusyn People of Slovakia”

Week 19
May 6 – May 12
Tablos, Graduation, Maturita

“Graduation Parades Through the Old Town”
“Tablo – What’s a Tablo?”
“Guru Peter Drucker Comments on Guru Jan Amos Komensky (Comenius)”
“Mailbag – Trip to Slovakia, Looking for a Teaching Job in Slovakia”
– “Finding a Job Teaching in Slovakia” (not yet published)

Week 20
May 13 – May 19
Milk in Slovakia

“Does This Make America Less Free than Slovakia?”

Week 21
May 20 – May 26
IIHF Championship

“How Slovaks Will Spend the Next Two Weeks – Hokej”
“Photographs: Hockey Statues Around Bratislava”
“The Death of Slovak Hockey – Hockey, fatalism, pessimism”
“Photos from Slovakia May 2012 – Winning the Silver in Hockey”

Week 22
May 27 – June 2
The Day of Open Cellars

“The Blessing of Wines and St. Urban’s Day”
“Other Nuts and Bolts of the St. Urban’s Day of Open Cellars”

Week 23
June 3 – June 9
Maturita / Tablo / Treaty of Trianon

– “The Treaty of Trianon” (not yet published)
– “Tieneman” (not yet published)
“Footnote: Cardaš – The Count From Sesame Street Singing a Cardaš (Csárdás)”
– “In Defense of a Difficult Maturita” (not yet published)

Week 24
June 10 – June 16
School in Nature

– “School in the Nature” (not yet published)
– “Spartakiada” (not yet published)
– “Slovak Honey Bees” (not yet published)

Week 25
June 17 – June 23
Myjava Folk Festival / Slovensky Raj

– “Myjava Folk Festival” (not yet published)
– “The Annual Pilgramage to Slovak Paradise” (not yet published)

Week 26
June 24 – June 30
Jahnske Ohni

“The Fires of St. John – Janske Ohne”

Week 27
July 1 – July 7
Cyril and Metod / 4th of July

– “Cyril and Methodius” (not yet published)
– “July 4 in Slovakia” (not yet published)
– “A Slovak Draws America” (not yet published)

Week 28
July 8 – July 14
The Fat Slovak Hot Dog / Chata Parties

– “The Fat Slovak Hot Dog” (not yet published)

Week 29
July 15 – July 21
The Slovak Poet and Slovak Song

– “Pohoda” (not yet published)
“Mamin Mrezovnik by Milan Rufus”
“All Five Senses in Bratislava – Reduta and the Slovak Philharmonic”
“All Five Senses Part II – Reduta Part II”
“1984 by George Orwell”
– “A Collection of Slovak Folk Songs” (not yet published)

Week 30
July 22 – July 28
Visna Picked – Cherry Season

“Pop a Slovak Cherry Into Your Mouth – The Cherry Harvest”

Week 31
July 29 – August 4

“Why You Should Make Authentic Gulas This Weekend”
“Don’t Stir the Gulas – Natural Food Preservation”

Week 32
August 5 – August 11
The Potato Harvest

“13 Words for the Venerable Potato”

Week 33
August 12 – August 18
Picking Mushrooms

– “Hunting for Mushrooms” (not yet published)
“Mushrooms – A Bohemian Folktale of Their Origins”
“Mushrooms – How Maria Theresa’s Dad Died from a Dish of Poisonous Mushrooms”
“Mushrooms – How the Slavs First Came to Know Mushrooms”
“Mushrooms – How to Kill with a Slovak Mushroom “
“Mushrooms – The English Term “sitting down for some grub” is Related to the Slovak Word for Mushrooms”
“Mushrooms – Slavic Cultures Love Mushrooms. Why Do We Call Them ‘Toadstools’ in English”

Week 34
August 19 – August 25
The Grape Harvest / 21 August 1968 – Warsaw Pact invatsion

– “The Prague Autumn” (not yet published)
“Footnote: Dubcek, Alexander”
– “The Grape Harvest” (not yet published)
– “The Tokaj Harvest” (not yet published)
“The Harvest is In”
“Footnote: Must in English, Mušt in Slovak”
– “Eger” (not yet published)

Week 35
August 26 – September 1
Coronation Bratislava / August 29 – October 28, 1944 – Slovak national uprising

“The Gypsies are Coming”
“A Slovak Charity and a Party They Throw – Cigánsky bašavel”
“Naco pôjdem domov – A Roma (Gypsy) Song in Slovak”
“Slovaks Have Bagpipes Too – Gajdy”
– “Rezbarsky Plener” (not yet published)
– “The Slovak National Uprising” (not yet published)
– “The Coronation Parade in Bratislava” (not yet published)

Week 36
September 2 – September 8
Back to School

“Slovak Public School Kids Go to Catholic Mass on This Day – First Day of School”
“11 Things I Didn’t Expect in America”

Week 37
September 9 – September 15
Making Kysla Kapusta

– “Making Kysla Kapusta” (not yet published)

Week 38
September 16 – September 22
Making Palacinkova Torta / Birthdays in Slovakia

– “Palacinkova Torta”(not yet published)

Week 39
September 23 – September 29
Benovsky’s Birthday – 20th Sept 1746 and other Awesome Slovaks Abroad

– “The Slovak King of Madagascar” (not yet published)
“Footnote: The Hinlicky Rule”
– “Victor Hugo Speaks to the Expatriate”(not yet published)

Week 40
September 30 – October 6
Chopping Wood, Preparing for the Winter

– “Preparing for the Winter” (not yet published)

Week 41
October 7 – October 13
Hiking in the Tatras

“”Why I Prefer Old Slovak Trains to “Better” Western European Trains””
“Safety Advice for Hiking in the High Tatras”

Week 42
October 14 – October 20

“Why’s Everyone Wearing Green Ribbons? – Stužková”
“Footnote: Brahms: Academic Festival Overture”
“Footnote: Elan – Stuzkova Song Video”
“Footnote: Gaudeamus Igitor – The Latin Song at Stuzkova”

Week 43
October 21 – October 27
The Week of the Traveller

“Wayward Son – A Song for Travellers”
– “Vojvodina and the Lowland Slovaks” (Not yet published)
“Review of Lonely Planet’s Czech and Slovak Republics – 4th Edition”
“Why Go to Slovakia? Marek Bennet Responds”
“An Interesting Study on Migration to Slovakia”
“A Place I Want to Visit – Chateau Bela in Southern Slovakia”

Week 44
October 28 – November 3
All Saints Day

“Remembering the Dead in Slovakia – All Saints’ Day”
“A Good Man Has Left Us – Jakoby (23 March 2012)”
“The Lesson Steve Jobs Taught – How a Smaller Government Made the iPhone Possible (9 October 2011)”
“Be Central European for Halloween”
“Haunted Houses, Slovakia, and New York City”
– “The Book” (unpublished)

Week 45
November 4 – November 10
Babia Leto / St. Martin’s Day

– “Babia Leto” (not yet published)
“St. Martin and the Geese”
– “Photos of Husacie Hody” (not yet published)

Week 46
November 11 – November 17
Velvet Revolution

“Where were you 21 years ago today? – November 17, 1989”
“Has America Lost Her Way? The 22nd Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution”
“When Ignoring the U.S. Embassy’s Advice is a Good Policy”
“This is the Day of the Bloodless”
“How to Celebrate the Velvet Revolution”
“Pravda vítazí” – English version of the song
“Pravda vítazí” – Slovak Version of the song
“Kryl – Andel”
“Kryl – Bratrícku, zavírej vrátka”
– “How Have Slovaks Done These Last 23 Years Since The Velvet Revolution?” (not yet published)
“Footnote: Jachymov”
“Uranium Mines”
“Podpultovy Tovar / Under-the-Counter Goods”

Week 47
November 18 – November 24
International Film Festival

“A Slovak Gem – Unknown to Most – IFF Bratislava”

Week 48
November 25 – December 1
Thanksgiving / Christmas Market Opens

“Make one of these treats with a loved one this weekend – Christmas Market”
“On Thanksgiving I’ll Be Enjoying Sweet Potatoes – Sweet Potatoes”
– “Blekfrajdejuješ?” (not yet published)

Week 49
December 2 – December 8
Slovaks Learn to Ballroom Dance Young – Vencek /Mikulas (Dec 6)

“Slovaks Learn to Ballroom Dance Young – Vencek”
“Footnote: Dom Kultury”
– “Mikulas” (not yet published)

Week 50
December 9 – December 15
Pig Killing and Lucia

“68 Steps to Killing a Pig – Zabijacka”
– Finding a Husband on St. Lucia’s Day (not yet published)

Week 51
December 16 – December 22

“Where Can I Buy Oblatky in the U.S.? – Oblatky / Oplatky”
“A Kapustnica Recipe – Cabbage Stewed with Smoked Meats and Wild Mushrooms”
“Carp – A Slovak Christmas Tradition – Kapor”
“Exit Havel, Stage Left”
“Vaclav Havel Defines Hope”

Week 52
December 23 – December 31
Carp / Exit Havel / Gypsies Pounding on Your Door

“A Slovak Christmas Compendium”
“A Random Collection of Slovak Christmas Traditions circa 2010 – Christmas in Slovakia”
“A Christmas Gift to My Readers – A 12 Days of Slovak Christmas Video”
“The Christmas Market Has Come to An End – 11 Months And Counting & A Video to Help Hold You Over”
“Christmas Postcard from Bratislava – A Place of Solitude”
“A Year Without Havel, A Generation Without Czechoslovakia”


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