Each time I read an un-insightful and tiring article about Slovakia with dateline Prague or Vienna, or each time I read an article by an overly critical “expert” who was “just passing through,” my desire to put together a weekly column like this was strengthened.  In that respect, this website is the realization of a mutli-year dream.

Each week, something fantastic happens with a regularity in Bratislava and in many cases throughout Slovakia.  On this website, I will spend 52 weeks highlighting some of those regular  traditions that take place in Slovak culture.  I will try to avoid the cheap joke – they’re always easy to make, especially after a person has had a bad day in a foreign culture.  Instead I will try my best to approach this topic with a desire to understand.

Please make your way through some of the topics that might be interesting to you, and let me know what you think.  I welcome you to sign up for the email newsletter on the right to learn more or to visit my own homepage www.allanstevo.com to read more of my writing.

Praise for 52 Weeks in Slovakia

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If you have any questions or comments, I’d prefer that you make them below an article for all to see.  You are always welcome, however, to contact me at 52WeeksInSlovakia@gmail.com if you feel that greater privacy is necessary.


If you have any good photos that you think express something seasonal and meaningful about your time in Bratislava, I would love to take a look at them and put them to use over these 52 weeks.  Just send them to 52WeeksInSlovakia@gmail.com.


There are several goals behind this project, most of which involve a desire on my part to generate an increased understanding of Slovak culture, a culture that I see as rich, full of fantastic values, and largely under-appreciated.  I write this for visitors to Slovakia, those who call this place home, those who consider it an ancestral land of theirs but now live elsewhere, and for those who simply have an appreciation for this region.  What I write about Slovakia can often times be true for Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic.  It can often be true of Austria, which can be walked to in about half an hour from downtown Bratislava.  It can be true even of lands further west such as France or the U.S.

I believe that allowing others to freely reprint this work allows the ideas to be more easily spread and gives more vibrant life to the ideas I present here.  Please feel free to word for word reprint anything posted on this site.  Please do not edit the work.  Please credit this site (www.52inSk.com) and “Allan Stevo” as the author.

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