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Graduation Parades Through The Old Town

Graduation Parades May 16, 2011 Allan Stevo The Thursdays and Fridays throughout May mark a special time in Slovak culture.  A sort of coming of age parade takes place.  Slovak high school students go into the town with every member of their class and beg for money.  They don’t lie about what they are going […]

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Why Nationalists March Through Bratislava Today

Why Neo-Nazis March Through Bratislava Today March 14, 2011 Allan Stevo Radical elements of society are likely to congregate in Bratislava this week once or several times to celebrate the anniversary of the formation of the First Slovak State (March 14, 1939  – May 8, 1945).  For nationalist and neo-fascist reasons and perhaps also anti-Semitic […]

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Slovaks Learn To Ballroom Dance Young

Vencek December 14, 2010 Allan Stevo On a whited-out December night in Bratislava, in an off-the-beaten-path part of town is a gathering of hundreds of parents and students celebrating what amounts to a dance-school graduation. I walk through the doors of an old Dom Kultúry (click the link to learn more about a Dom Kultury) […]

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Where Were You 21 Years Ago Today?

  November 17, 1989 November 22, 2010 By: Allan Stevo Twenty-one years ago today marked the start of the Velvet Revolution. It began on the International Day of Students, November 17, 1989. In 1939, Jan Opletal, who was a Czech medical school student was killed by the Nazis during a protest against the Nazi occupation […]

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