The Count From Sesame Street Singing a Čardaš (Csárdás)

Many children born in America after 1970 grew up with some familiarity of Sesame Street.  One of the characters on Sesame Street is “The Count” or Count von Count.

The count with his Bela Lugosi like style of speaking and dress seems to be modeled on a Central European aristocrat – for the sake of romance, perhaps he comes from the often mythicized, beautiful land of Transylvania (present-day Romania, but just like Slovakia, once a part of the Hungarian crown lands).

The count even has his own theme song, which appears in the video below (something I had a hard time finding because the bawdy “censored” version of the count was more prevalent on the internet). The count appears to be singing a common song from the region – a Čardaš as it’s spelled in Slovak, or Csárdás (as it’s spelled in Hungarian).

I’ve posted a more traditional Čardaš below that for comparison.  The Count is mentioned in the guest post “How to Speak English to a Slovak” by Amy M. Wicks on 52 Weeks in Slovakia.

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