Recipe for Slovak Onion Soup / Cibulačka

Simple, but delicious – you start with lots of onions, chopped, finely sautéed with butter (which makes everything better) and make it into a soup.  Easy to make and tasty, this soup regularly appears on lunchtime menus.


Sautee 3-4 large, finely chopped onions over two tablespoons of butter in a covered soup pot. If the butter is unsalted, add a little salt to bring out the juices from the onions.  Stir regularly, cooking till golden to light brown.

Stir in nutmeg with about 1 minute of sautéing left.  30 seconds later add thyme and 20 seconds after that add sweet paprika.

Add three times as much water as it would take to cover the onions. Chicken stock, vegetable stock, or a bullion cube are also options in place of plain water.

Bring to a boil.


Garlic croutons are a good compliment along with a little thickly grated cheese.


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