Single, poor and free SLOVAKIA — Una, pobre y libre ESLOVAQUIA

El Pais Pre-Velvet Divorce

May 18, 2013

Allan Stevo

Click this link to read a  supplement from the Spanish language El Pais trashing Slovakia before the Velvet Divorce.  It was written about by Julo in the following piece about Slovak support / dislike of Meciar.

An example of such a piece of information is the article by Hermann Tertsch, “Una, pobre y libre ESLOVAQUIA” (Single, poor and free SLOVAKIA) published in a weekly addendum to the Spanish daily El Pais, which appeared just some days before January 1, 1993; this is a masterpiece of anti-Slovak propaganda.  For those who cannot read in Spanish, I just translate a commentary to the picture with a violinist on page 47 of this article: “The Czechs have considered the Slovaks as their silly and pious brothers. Next year they will go different ways.” It is interesting that the photo itself is well-known; it was done by a famous Slovak artistic photographer Karol Kallay (he died some months ago), and the violinist with widely open eyes, who perhaps should represent a typical silly and pious Slovak, is a renowned Slovak painter Milan Laluha (of course these data do not appear in the article!). Well, also some page before, the commentary next to the picture of a striptease-girl ends so: “At cafes, nobody pays attention to the striptease-girl.” Yah, can the Slovaks be more terrible?

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