Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and was the former capital of Czechoslovakia.

Pragocentrism (compare to egocentrism) is the tendency to view or feel like Prague is the center of the world. Furthermore, it is the tendency to believe that all good things in the Czech Republic come from Prague. In the past it was the same feeling of all good things coming from the capital city and only the capital city.

By the late 1980’s Czechoslovakia had 15 million inhabitants, and its center-of-the-world capital city had only 1 million inhabitants. At least 14 million of those people were not practitioners of Pragocentrism, but it still became easy for this view to be a commonly expressed view (albeit subtly) in politics, culture, and media. See also Blavocentrism.

Pragocentrism will produce some interesting results on google, a good one being this English language account of present-day Pragocentrism from a Czech perspective.

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