Dubcek, Alexander

Photo: Dubcek on the Cover of Time magazine - April 5, 1968 - from CoverBrowser.com

Alexander Dubcek – Alexander Dubcek was born to loyal communists who had just relocated to Czechoslovakia from Chicago. He fought in the Slovak National Uprising against the Nazis and went on to the highest level of political leadership in the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. Dubcek was the leading figure in the Prague Spring, a series of reforms within the communist party that attempted to make a style of politics that was popularly referred to as “socialism with a human face.” These reforms took place against the wishes of Moscow and in August of 1968, Czechoslovakia was invaded by her Warsaw Pact allies. Dubcek was kidnapped, taken to Moscow, and returned to Prague to address his people. After the situation had stabilized, Dubcek was gradually isolated from decision making circles until he was made ambassador to Turkey, and eventually removed from the communist party in his absence. Dubcek spent the following decades as a mechanic in the forest service in Bratislava, evidently no other position was available that fit a man of his ability.

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