Dom Kultúry

DOM KULTÚRY seems to be a holdover of a term from communism – “a house of culture,” is how this literally translates, but “community center” might be a more accurate translation into American English.

A variety of activity takes place in these Dom Kultúry – sometimes there are big screens for film screenings by a local film club for several hundred people at a time, or concerts, folk dancers may come from all reaches of Slovakia for a performance and then serve a meal afterwards, dances may take place, performances, there might be a little room for students to just hang out, or there might be a gym of some sort, there might be an auditorium where contemporary church services are held, or where writers speak to little kids, there might be chess matches held on the weekends in the basement, there might be a tiny room where teenagers go to play Nirvana on guitars and chain smoke as if they were some soon to be washed up rocker from the 1970’s recording the next big thing in music.

The Dom Kultúry is a space where events in the community are welcomed to happen.  Dance classes and “venčeks” are one of those things that happen in Dom Kultúry.  This article on Venček will tell you more about that tradition.

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