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Pop a Slovak Cherry Into Your Mouth

The Cherry Harvest July 24, 2017 Allan Stevo Cherries are in season. That means people carry buckets of them on trams, they appear en masse at work, and are delivered to your house on visits as a gift to you and your family.  The onslaught won’t stop until October when black cherries, sour cherries, blueberries, […]

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1984 By George Orwell

1984 by George Orwell July 21, 2017 Allan Stevo One day, I recognized that every residential building that I had every walked into in the Petrzalka section of Bratislava had a metal grate below the front door, which would make the simple mistake of dropping your keys while opening your front door into something so […]

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All Five Senses – Part II

Reduta – Part II July 19, 2017 Allan Stevo The first section of this essay dealt with themes of beauty and music, beauty and government (especially the Communist government of Czechoslovakia), and many of my own uninformed biases.  In the second part of this essay, I take time to identify part of the role communism […]

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All Five Senses In Bratislava

Reduta and the Slovak Philharmonic July 17, 2017 Allan Stevo Last Saturday, I attended a concert given by the Slovak Philharmonic.  A little out of character, they performed pieces from Indiana Jones films, The Pirates of the Caribbean films, and the Harry Potter films. Listening to the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra play has always been a […]

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The European Union – A Land With No Demonym

Demonym July 12, 2017 Allan Stevo “This item first appeared at on May 22, 2017.” A demonym or gentilic is a word used to describe a resident or native of a place. Americans come from America. Italians come from Italy. Slovaks come from Slovakia, and Europeans come from Europe. But who comes from the […]

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July 4 Is Not About The Constitution, It’s About The Declaration Of Independence

Getting it Wrong July 10, 2017 Allan Stevo This piece first appeared at Target Liberty as “#FakeUnderstanding Does the New York Times Even Know What the 4th of July Holiday Celebrates?” Some people are not sophisticated enough to know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The editorial board of the New […]

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Six All-American Readings For The Fourth Of July

Read Me July 6, 2017 Allan Stevo On the anniversary of America’s Independence, there are two texts I always find myself returning to that capture the essence of what the core spirit of America is at the time of its founding and two texts, that I say truly celebrate the Spirit of 1776. The Spirit […]

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Most Americans Never Mention These Seven Fundamental Facts About July 4

July 4, 1776 July 4, 2017 Allan Stevo Historian Murray Rothbard in his impressive four volume history of the US, Conceived in Liberty, depicts an America in the 1760s and 1770s that was undergoing a revolution. The people in America had adopted a different philosophy on rights and had stopped viewing themselves as colonists. That […]

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