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Easter Monday In Slovakia

  Easter Monday April 21, 2017 Allan Stevo There is an interesting tradition that takes place the day after Easter Sunday in Slovakia, on a day known as “Easter Monday” – Veľkonočný pondelok. Any short description of the event will sound barbaric. In fact, any in-depth description of the tradition is likely to sound barbaric […]

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10 Videos That You Might Not Like – The Sibacka Captured On Film

Šibačka Videos April 19, 2017 Allan Stevo Some videos inevitably made the rounds a few weeks back as Easter Monday approached and Slovak youth – instead of going out into the wild to braid willow chutes and socialize with male and female friends alike by visiting houses whip in hand – chose to get on […]

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The Slovak Whipping Ceremony – 11 Reasons To Hate It

Anti-Šibačka April 16, 2017 Allan Stevo I once hated the šibačka.  It is, after all, the ceremonial whipping of women by men.  Need I say more? Once I challenged myself, by bring myself out of my comfort zone to better understand the šibačka, I learned to see the šibačka from a different perspective.  There are […]

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Happy Easter Again ! When Easter Is Celebrated Among The Rusyn People Of Slovakia

Rusyns April 15, 2017 Allan Stevo Slovakia is Central Europe by many definitions. Those who say otherwise generally tend to be ignorant on the topic or joking around. For example, I’ve been told in jest that the vychodňari (people of Eastern Slovakia) are of a different mind than the rest of the people of Slovakia […]

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Translating Sibacka: The Whipping Ceremony

Translating Šibačka April 14, 2017 Allan Stevo It’s common that I will encounter the question “How do you say šibačka in English?”  I have yet to conclusively use a set translation for my purposes.  While English is effective at borrowing many foreign loan words, I feel like the word šibačka, as cool as it is, might […]

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Women Watch Out For This In Slovakia

Whips April 14, 2017 Allan Stevo For some, part of the Slovak Easter Monday celebration includes whipping or “watering” members of the fairer sex. Most females seek to avoid such whippings.  Some females welcome them for a variety of reasons that I will not go in depth about at this time, but which range from […]

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An Easter Gift For My Readers: The Elusive Hrudka

Hrudka April 12, 2017 Allan Stevo Note: This article originally appeared as a guest post at This Thursday Bratislava empties out.  You don’t want to be on the road, on a train, or even on a bus out of town on Thursday afternoon, because it’s going to be standing room and bumper to bumper.  […]

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A Man Even Americans Should Know

Gagarin Circles the Earth April 10, 2017 Allan Stevo On April 12, 1961 Yuri Gagarin went into space and circled Earth.  May 5, 1961, Alan Shepard did the first of those feats.  February 20, 1962, almost a year later, John Glenn accomplished both of those feats. January 27, 1986, I learned about Americans John Glenn […]

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