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Other Nuts And Bolts Of The St. Urban’s Day Of Open Cellars

Random Nuts and Bolts of St. Urban’s Day May 26, 2017 Allan Stevo If you like wine, this time of year welcomes a prime weekend to be in Bratislava.  It is usually the weekend in May closest to St. Urban’s Day (usually the third weekend in May).  If you can’t make it this weekend, come another […]

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The Blessing Of Wines And St. Urban’s Day

The Blessing of Wines and St. Urban’s Day May 25, 2017 Allan Stevo There are lots of wine cellars around Bratislava that open up for special events. These cellars might be above-ground, in basements of municipal buildings, in modified cellars with long tables for serving food and wine to guests, or they might be in […]

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Does This Make America Less Free Than Slovakia?

Raw Milk May 23, 2017 Allan Stevo Should a person be able to eat any food he wants? Is it the role of the state to prevent the informed consumption of certain foods? These are two issues that I come across when I travel into different countries. An especially poignant example can be found between […]

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Photos From Slovakia May 2012 – Winning The Silver In Hockey

Silver May 21, 2017 Allan Stevo As I have long pointed out, Slovaks tend to be fond of their hockey. On Sunday May 20, 2012, Russia faced Slovakia in the world finals of hockey. Russia beat Slovakia 6-2. While Russians offered their world championship hockey team a bit of a weak welcome home, Slovaks offered […]

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North Carolinians Could Learn a Lesson from the Ultra Liberals of France of All Places

North Carolinians Could Learn a Lesson from the Ultra Liberals of France of All Places May 20, 2017 Allan Stevo This past month I spent some time in France monitoring the French presidential elections. What I witnessed was a common sense voting system praised even by the ultra-liberals of French society. – All voters must […]

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The Death Of Slovak Hockey

Hockey, fatalism, pessimism May 19, 2017 Allan Stevo It was not one year ago when one of the most well-recognized magazines in Slovakia declared the death of Slovak hockey. The good players were all born during communism claimed the allegedly conservative publication. Good hockey was a product of those times.  Perhaps bad hockey was inevitably therefore a product […]

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Communism Has Clearly Always Failed And Will Clearly Always Fail, Unless You Haven’t Done Your Homework

May Day May 18, 2017 Allan Stevo Every May Day, I see an interesting trend – in some far-flung place that has never known communism, I find people marching in the streets and gathering in public places to recite the whole litany of what is wrong with the world from a Social Justice Warrior’s perspective. […]

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Photographs: Hockey Statues Around Bratislava

Photographs: Hockey Statues Around Bratislava May 17, 2017 Allan Stevo Below are ten photos of statues that were positioned around Bratislava during the IIHF World Ice Hockey Championships.  The Championships were held during the last week of April and the first two weeks of May 2011. Bratislava and Kosice both played host. It was hard […]

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