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Book Review: A 130 Page Joseph Campbell Book That Succinctly Ties Together Many Loose Strings

An Open Life September 20, 2017 Allan Stevo   What it is: In a series of interviews with radio personality Michael Toms, we get an important summary of the life discoveries and philosophies of 20th century scholar Joseph Campbell toward the end of his life in a succinct 130 pages. A few interesting points:   […]

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What Is The Essence Of Western Spirituality?

Western Spirituality September 18, 2017 Allan Stevo I came across an interview between Michael Toms and Joseph Campbell recently in the book (“An Open Life”) that had such powerful distillations of Campbell’s life philosophy and observations from a life spent studying world culture. In this excerpt, Campbell dismisses the idea of a westerner following a […]

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Lots Of Ego With Little Reading Tends To Make Intellectual Discussions Worthless -> 8 Hints To Escaping That Trap

The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.—Mark Twain, 1895 Literacy v. Thought September 14, 2017 Allan Stevo Literacy is an important tool. Few people utilize literacy for anything of thoughtful value. Yes, of course there are the basics of life that literacy provides for, […]

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The United States Of America Is Not The Most Perfect Place In The World For Freedom

Freedom September 12, 2017 Allan Stevo The most perfect place in the world for freedom is inside the mind of a free man. He radiates freedom and ensures that all around him will be free. He can accept no lower standard than that. Freedom travels alongside the man who refuses to be anything but free. […]

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Is Discrimination Wrong ?

In Defense of the Customer September 10, 2017 Allan Stevo Last night I went to my favorite Slavic restaurant in the United States, where I have all of my favorite servers. For some reason I ended up with a Jamal serving me, some guy I never met before. I don’t go to that restaurant for […]

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How Did Lowlifes, Hippies, Con-Artists, Artists, Swingers, And Musicians Come To Be Referred To In English As ‘Bohemian’ ?

So Bohemian September 8, 2017 Allan Stevo Watching the beautiful opera from Puccini La Bohème, one is reminded of the word for the western portion of the Czech Republic – Bohemia. One would be right in this association. However, it’s worth noting that this word is the French word for “Gypsy.” How would the French […]

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11 Things I Didn’t Expect In America

11 Things I Didn’t Expect In America September 6, 2017 Allan Stevo I love sitting with Slovaks who’ve just returned from the U.S. and hearing their observations about my homeland.  As long as I can avoid feeling offended about anything and can create an open atmosphere for an exchange of ideas, I often hear some […]

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Slovak Public School Kids Go To Catholic Mass On This Day

First Day of School September 4, 2017 Allan Stevo As American kids celebrated Labor Day, Slovak kids went back to school.  Because there is a centralized system of education, some guy sitting in a government office in Bratislava says when every grade school and high school – both state schools and church schools – goes […]

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