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I Always Respond Merry Christmas, 7 Reasons Why You Should Too

Merry Christmas November 24, 2017 Allan Stevo Living in a very specific American big city (New York) in a very specific industry (commercial real estate), a good percentage of the people I encounter in my day to day are not celebrants of Christmas. I understand the necessity of the phrase “happy holidays” in that situation […]

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Black Friday November 23, 2017 Allan Stevo I work with a Greek man who constantly reminds me that the prescriptive grammar rules of languages are put in place with the intention of controlling a society. Language, after all, is the operating system by which virtually all thought and a great deal of action is processed. […]

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On Thanksgiving I’ll Be Enjoying Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes November 23, 2017 Allan Stevo If there’s anything from a Slovak perspective that demonstrates everything wrong about American culture, it is the sweet potato. Slovaks are generally guilty of not following the Hinlicky Rule when referencing the sweet potato. Many will speak about sweet potatoes negatively, while having never tasted them. Nonetheless, I […]

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I Would Never Have Heard Of Marian Kotleba

Shouting Irrelevancy Loudly November 19, 2017 Allan Stevo I don’t usually care for people who hold political office. They miss how irrelevant political life is in the world. For one to overlook such an obvious detail leaves me to generally see those in political office as dim and behind-the-times. America politics can be so high […]

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Kryl – Bratříčku, zavírej vrátka

November 19, 2017 Allan Stevo Kryl wrote passionate folk songs that became popular in Czechoslovakia and throughout central Europe, despite the fact that the communist authorities had banned them. The Czech lyrics are posted below the video, courtesy of the poster of the video on YouTube and English languages lyrics are below that. The song […]

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Kryl – Andel

November 19, 2017 Allan Stevo Karel Kryl was one of the voices of the Velvet Revolution. This song is beautiful even if you don’t understand a word. Below the video is the text in Czech and English left below the video on Another Kryl video can seen here. Czech lyrics: 1. Z rozmlácenýho kostela […]

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Is Slovakia Ready For Freedom Of Speech ?

Free Speech November 18, 2017 Allan Stevo Slovakia is a brilliantly free country. Anyone can get away with saying anything they want in private. Political correctness is largely laughed at and has not penetrated the home. Throughout the West political correctness (a movement meant to limit the scope of public debate and thought) has penetrated […]

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Using Intensity To Fight Complacency Within Oneself

Complacency November 18, 2017 Allan Stevo The beauty of Krav Maga is not that a runt can defend himself from a man twice as skilled and twice his size, but that even the runt can learn to channel an available and powerful inner rage at the appropriate moment. In our comfortable and safe Western world, […]

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