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Before Americans Had “Cage Free, Organically Fed, No Soy Feed, High Omega 3, Free Range Eggs” Slovaks Just Had Eggs

Eggs March 23, 2017 Allan Stevo This is the case in every industrialized society.  The “progress” of industry becomes synonymous with the industrialization of the food supply.  In America, what was once just called an egg now needs lots of modifiers to describe how that egg was made.  That’s because America stopped being like Slovakia […]

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Photos: The Open Air Market On A Spring Day

Miletičova March 21, 2017 Allan Stevo One of the best parts of spring in Bratislava is a visit to the open air market, near the corner of Záhradnícka and Miletičova streets.  The market is colloquially called “Miletičova” or just “Miletička.” One day you’ll get a lengthy piece of writing on the topic of the market.  […]

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Blavocentrism March 19, 2017 Allan Stevo Bratislava with its 500,000 inhabitants is the capital city of Slovakia. While it is the capital, by no means does it feel like the most culturally important place in Slovakia. In fact, I am sometimes left with the feeling that “Bratislava is not Slovakia.” Bratislava feels so very capable […]

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Pragocentrism March 19, 2017 Allan Stevo Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and was the former capital of Czechoslovakia. Pragocentrism (compare to egocentrism) is the tendency to view or feel like Prague is the center of the world. Furthermore, it is the tendency to believe that all good things in the Czech Republic […]

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Slovenia Is Not Slovakia!

Slovenia Is Not Slovakia! March 18, 2017 Allan Stevo Below is a video made by a Slovenian gal in which she attempts to educate the masses about the differences between Slovenia and Slovakia. The two countries are very commonly confused.  The confusion of the two has been a long standing joke in the two small […]

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Rebranding Slovenia – A New Logo

Rebranding Slovenia March 17, 2017 Allan Stevo The magazine Conde Nast Traveller approached a few designers asking them to “rebrand” a country.  The decision of what country to rebrand was up the designer.  Paula Scher chose Slovenia, designing the logo below, among others.  I found the logo funny and clever because it takes the ubiquitously […]

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Chechnya Isn’t Czechoslovakia

  Czechoslovakia Isn’t Chechnya March 16, 2017 Allan Stevo I didn’t post a story to 52 Weeks in Slovakia yesterday, I didn’t send an email out, I posted nothing to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network yet traffic was massively up and newsletter signups surged. That happens sometimes when an article from 52 Weeks […]

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The Hinlicky Rule And The New York Times – Ringing In The New Year

The Hinlicky Rule and the New York Times March 15, 2017 Allan Stevo American politics for whatever reason in the era of George W. Bush and Barrack Obama has become especially polarized. In that heated political environment that surrounds American politics it frustrates me to see usually thoughtful people descend into little more than partisan […]

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