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The Corruption of American Society,
  A Central European Antidote, &
  4 Ways the Antidote Works

  Classical Works June 22, 2015 Allan Stevo Yesterday I sat at work with a colleague late in the day and needed to hear Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik. It was the first time in perhaps a year that the urge struck me that I needed to listen to a piece of classical music. In retrospect […]

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  A Central European Antidote, &
  4 Ways the Antidote Works

Happy New Year from Slovakia, by Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius

  Marcus Aurelius January 1, 2015 Allan Stevo Marcus Aurelius is said to have written portions of his still read Meditations some 1,800 years ago from the Roman province of Pannonia (present-day Austria, Hungary, and former Yugoslavia) looking out across the land today known as Slovakia. He probably wrote portions of it at the Roman […]

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17 November 1989 – The Fall of Communism: A Victory For The People

Velvet Revolution November 17, 2014 Allan Stevo On November 17, 1989, the people of Czechoslovakia took a decisive step away from the nanny state. The nanny state in Czechoslovakia was one that sought to control all aspects of life. Controlling Individuals Those aspects included: what a child studied, what career options a person would have, […]

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How to Find the Best Public Protests in Slovakia – In 5 Simple Steps

Public Protests November 17, 2014 Allan Stevo The US Embassy does US citizens residing locally the service of occasionally notifying them of protests to steer clear of. This important service is one that any traveller to any region should take note of. I cannot advise you what to do in a big public gathering in […]

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The Rufus Title – Take 2

Rufus Title November 17, 2014 Allan Stevo Last week I asked for a helping hand with book titles. Thank you to everyone who lent a hand.  I’ve revised that list: narrowing them down and adding a few other options. The titles are for a collection of 16 poems written by Slovak poet Milan Rufus and […]

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St. Martin’s Day

St. Martin’s Day November 8, 2014 Allan Stevo To browse all the old classics from 52 Weeks in Slovakia just like this one, visit the Calendar section of the website. Increasingly, advertisements for goose feasts appear at restaurants in Slovakia at this time of year and goose becomes a more popular meal as autumn turns […]

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2 Wild and Crazy Ways That “Ben & Jerry’s” Betrayed the Slovaks

  The Festrunk Brothers November 8, 2014 Allan Stevo Any American of a certain age seems to remember the slightly creepy and very funny skit that featured Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd as the swinging, heavily-accented, plaid-pants-wearing Festrunk Brothers. They were “Two Wild and Crazy Guys.” The Festrunk Stereotype The fictional Festrunk brothers were European […]

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What Should the Title of This Book Be?

Title of Rufus Book November 8, 2014 Allan Stevo Poet Milan Rufus, in his lifetime held a special place in the heart of many Slovaks.  Five years ago, he passed away. I’ve had 16 English translations of poems from his final book (Ako stopy v snehu / Like Footprints in the Snow) published in literary […]

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