Praise for 52 Weeks in Slovakia

A fulfilling aspect of working on this website has been all of the insightful feedback I have received from readers.  The feedback has challenged me to dig deeper, to learn more, and to seek out a greater breadth of information as well. Along with that feedback, has come quite a bit of praise that I thought the first time visitor might be interested in hearing.  If you like what you read, you can click on this link to sign up for our weekly email newsletter to receive the latest information from 52 Weeks in Slovakia or you can just sign up using the sign up form to the right.  If you have a comment you would like to add to the list below, please just send me an email at

Here are a few general comments about 52 Weeks in Slovakia:

  • “I have throughly enjoyed the past 10 weeks:) I’m so glad I stumbled upon your site.”  – Rebecca B.
  • “Great reading, Allan. As someone who grew up in Slovakia and then returned to live there for a year with American spouse and a 2-year old son, I can appreciate your writing twofold.”  – Peter
  • “Love your articles…Keep up the good work!” –  Elaine B.
  • ” I am really enjoying your insight!” – Teresa W.
  • “Allan, love your blog,  keep on writing.” – Peter
  • “Hey! First of all I´d like to say that I really appreciate your work, Allan, it´s really intriguing for the ones born in Slovakia to read as well.” – Miska
  • “I am so enjoying reading these columns. I just found out about this so it is a treat to read them all.” – Teresa W.
  • “I just found your site. I lived in Bratislava from 2007-2009. I miss it and reading your articles brings back my life there. Thank you.”  – Ann

Below are a few positive comments about specific articles on 52 Weeks in Slovakia:


Articles on Food

Not surprisingly, because there’s fantastic homemade food in Slovakia, these lengthy articles, photos, and recipes dealing with traditional festivals and foods have received quite a few positive comments:
“Thank you, Allan, and others who shared the recipes, for uncovering the mystery of syrek or hrudka for me. I cannot wait to try it over this coming weekend , even though, the Easter is over.”  – Anna S. on the Illusive Easter dish called “Hrudka”


Raising a Pig and Making  Fresh Pork Sausages at Home


Bratislava’s Christmas Market

  • “Allan, impresive article. I have sent a link to my friends in US and France, who enjoyed the market this winter.  Pictures are very nice as well.”  – Milos M. on the Christmas Market
  • “Totally inspired my wife and I to have cigánska tonight. Such a delicious memory.”   Sean on the Christmas Market
  • “Bájecný článek, Allan !! Your descriptions have made me hungry !!”  – Cynthia on the Christmas Market
  • “Dakujme pekne for doing this. It is a tremendous service to those of us with a Slovak heritage and who have been to Bratislava and yearn to be there for Christmas!!!!!” –  John on the Christmas Market
  • “Lovely, the sights and fragrance of the Christmas Market in Bratislava filled my memory when reading this article. I took photos galore during my 3 years in Bratislava. Thanks for the photos and recipes.” –   Gail on the Christmas Market

Politics and History

Slovakia has some touchy and controversial history, and I feel like I’ve been rewarded by readers for taking a great deal of time to research and write about articles on history and politics in the region, even if that means sticking my neck out a bit.




The First Slovak State

  • “Congratulations on this excellent piece and thank you for providing so many excellent references.” – Jan on the First Slovak State



Work Ethic



And because Slovakia has some fascinating traditions hiding below the surface, I have taken time to feel out some of those interesting traditions and to try to understand them on a deeper level than would be possible in only one or two years visiting here.

All Saints Day


  • “Allan, I am so pleased you wrote this article.”  – Ludmila on All Saints Day

Student Celebrations – Stuzkova and Vencek

The Grape Harvest and Wine Festivals


The Best Feedback

The positive feedback has been nice to read, but the best feedback has been when others have taught me more on the topic through the comments sections.  This has come through experiences, through opinions, through observations.  The more comments that come my way, the more variety and depth I have on the topic.

I welcome you to read through these pages freely and to comment where you think you have a story to tell or a detail to add.  Those who read this site, edit this site, and write on this site will all benefit from your insightful comments.

I’d like to welcome you to this website and to the community that has formed around it.

Allan Stevo

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