Erecting Paywalls And Tearing Down Barriers In Online Media: Will The Slovak Solution Become The Global Solution?

Amy Wicks, Editor of 52 Weeks in Slovakia, had the article below posted on a website for specialists in the field of marketing communications in the autumn. As it talks about a new idea and Slovakia as the proving grounds, I was sure the readers of this site would be interested.  The company is now moving into Slovenia as well.  Since Amy wrote the original article, the company has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal in this article “Slovak Digital Paywall Company Expands to Slovenia” and has been written about in the ominous sounding “Piano Media wants national paywalls all over Europe.” Amy will be online this week responding to questions and comments left below the article.  – Allan


February 2, 2018

Amy Wicks

Slovakia is a small country in the heart of Europe. Tourism materials brand it as the “Little Big Country.” Though the country boasts some of the biggest castles found in Europe, a well-preserved folk culture rich in traditions, and spectacular, craggy mountains, it is a country seldom in the global spotlight.

A logo used to promote tourism in SlovakiaSince the Velvet Revolution, which ended Communist rule in Czechoslovakia in 1989, and the Velvet Divorce, which divided the Slovak and Czech Republics in 1993, life in Slovakia has proceeded mostly unexamined by the rest of the world. However, this past spring Slovakia was once again in the global spotlight as a new Internet media platform was implemented.

Internet and mobile technologies are improving at an ever-increasing pace. As they improve, they are making information and creative content available in forms never previously imagined. You can now get answers to all those curious questions that spring up in the midst of conversation, stream your favorite YouTube videos as you ride the bus to work, or even read the latest updates in the Boston Globe online as you sit and fish in the middle of your favorite lake.

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