Every Morning In The Village – 4 Slovak Housekeeping Tips

Slovak Housekeeping

February 9, 2018

Allan Stevo

The fact that so many Slovaks smoke (or spend time around smokers) and so many Slovaks use down pillows and comforters, which are hard to launder, could lead one to conclude that Slovak homes smell.  But it’s very common to find Slovak homes 1. Spotless – you can practically eat off of the floor and 2. Devoid of odor – the indoor air smells as fresh and clean as fresh air outdoors.

Below are 4 tips from the Slovak village on making sure your place doesn’t smell.  At first, I didn’t think much of the importance of these practices, but then better understood the importance of them when rooming with an American friend who had quite a smelly room after just a few weeks.

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