The Harvest Is In


August 22, 2017

Allan Stevo

As summer comes to an end, the grapes begin to sweeten on the vine.  The sweeter the berry, the stronger the wine.  And just like many Americans long for football and all its fanfare, as the air gets chilly many Slovaks around Bratislava get exited for Vinobranie – the celebration of the grape harvest.

Pezinok, Rača, and Modra are the biggest near Bratislava, but many towns and families around Slovakia have forms of grape harvest celebrations, some large enough to include several towns and cities, others that are intimate with just a few family members and neighbors enjoying that year’s harvest.

Vinobranie is a compound word – vino (wine) and brať (take) – used to refer to the celebration of the grape harvest and to the grape harvest itself.  The weeks of September are punctuated by this weekend event as busses leaving the center of Bratislava become so packed that drivers must turn passengers away.  Rača, Modra, and Pezinok host visitors and vendors for one weekend each.

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  • Wow, i didn’t know anything about this grape harvest celebration. We don’t have this kind of stuff in our country.
    Btw i am a new visitor, i was searching for something on google and landed on your website and your articles caught my eye.
    This postcard theme of your website is kind of cool because it gives me a feeling that you are sending love along with your words straight from your country, just like a postcard :)

    -Love from India

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