Has America Lost Her Way? The 22nd Anniversary Of The Velvet Revolution

Velvet Revolution

November 14, 2017

Allan Stevo

Twenty-two years ago Czechs and Slovaks shook off the chains of a regime and a system that had failed them.  Today America seems to be “trying on” similar, oppressive chains.  The deeper America gets into this process of trying those chains on, the more unfamiliar she looks to me.

Maybe some readers will be angry with me for saying so, but I would be remiss if I did not say these things that 1. I so clearly see and 2. that many others must either not recognize or not consider important enough to discuss.  This is when “if you see something, say something” must most importantly be applied.

Slovak schools and many businesses close on November 17 in commemoration of the Velvet Revolution.  It’s  probably the Slovak holiday that fascinates me the most and something I wrote about at length a year ago.  November 17, 1989, when you look at it, wasn’t all that special as an isolated day, but some historians point to it as the day that Czechoslovakia began its rebellion against its communist government.

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