The Death Of Slovak Hockey

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May 19, 2017

Allan Stevo

It was not one year ago when one of the most well-recognized magazines in Slovakia declared the death of Slovak hockey. The good players were all born during communism claimed the allegedly conservative publication. Good hockey was a product of those times.  Perhaps bad hockey was inevitably therefore a product of the times after communism. Were Slovaks being left with only two options – either return to communism or forever be doomed to bad hockey? Without the logic of central planning, the wealth of the nation could simply not be used to muster the resources required to succeed in a post-communist era.

This is the country in which people young and old, male and female rejoice at the success of Slovak hockey and brag about it to visiting foreign strangers like myself.  Wouldn’t communism perhaps be a better fate than giving up on this source of pride of the Slovak nation?


Well, thanks to the 2012 Slovak hockey team, the 2011 prediction made by the Slovak weekly Tyzden has been put to rest. Maybe now Slovaks won’t feel compelled to choose communism as a way to achieve pride in hockey.

Did communism really lead to better hockey players? Could there be some other answers that explain this scenario? Is it possible that communism might not be the only answer to the question of how the Slovak national hockey teams that came of age  a decade after the fall of the iron curtain got so good? Surely I know that no logically minded Slovak would say to himself  “There is only one way to achieve a good hockey team and that is through communism.”

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