Tablo – What’s A Tablo?


May 9, 2017

Allan Stevo

A tablo is an elaborate class picture.  It is a tradition in Slovakia for such class pictures to be made by graduating gymnasium students and to be displayed in a shopkeeper’s window for all to see.  They are often entertaining.  The tradition of tablo is talked about more in the article – Graduation Parades.  Below is a tablo from 1956, as is noted in the tablo.  It was sent in by a reader of 52 Weeks in Slovakia.  The school is Dunajska, across from “Liga Passage.” A bust of the great educator Jan Amos Komensky (a.k.a. Comenius) is shown in the tablo.

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  • Melania Rakytiak

    May 28th, 2017

    That’s my tablo, I have such beautiful memories from those days. I’m one in second row, second one from the left.

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