A Slovak Gem – Unknown To Most

IFF Bratislava

November 9, 2017

Allan Stevo

I’ve numerous times traveled from Chicago to Bratislava in November.  In Bratislava, November is the month that has the unpleasant distinction of helping you recognize exactly where your shoes have sprung a leak.  After babie leto (Indian Summer) comes to an end, the months of relative dryness are put behind and the sun spends a few months on vacation.  A regular and constant wetness is characteristic of this month, and daylight savings makes an early morning even darker.

Today, November 8, 2010 is the first ‘November’ day of the year.  The cold is unlikely to subside until the spring. The weather will, instead, grow gradually colder until the rain turns to a regular sleet and offers occasional snow as well.

That snow accumulates gradually and stays all winter.  By March, you’re so thrilled to see the practically unmeltable gray city snow disappear that you want to run out there and pour hot water on it yourself.  This is Bratislava’s fall and winter, much different than the beauty of the Tatras, or the beauty of virtually any other place in Slovakia at this time of year.  Those places are magnificent four seasons a year.  And Bratislava is too, if you scratch the surface.

There are two things that make this Bratislava weather especially enjoyable, because when the weather turns gray, and the even-tempered November rains begin to fall, it’s a given that these two events are around the corner.  One you’ll hear about in a few weeks – it’s the Christmas Market.  The other takes place this week and it’s overlooked by many, underestimated by others.

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