The Moral Obligation To Speak Truth To Power

Pastor Russell O. Siler (1942-2014)

Pastor Russell O. Siler (1942-2014)

Russ Siler & Honesty

November 4, 2017

Allan Stevo

Being a writer means many projects are left unfinished. Sometimes even at the last moment pieces are left, forever abandoned, deemed by that harsh inner editor to be too inferior in concept or in some other way unworthy of being shared with an audience. Understanding this, it is with great hesitation that I read or share items that the author did not approve the final draft of.

It’s questionable if work should be published posthumously without the author’s permission since it ends up being a glimpse into the author’s soul and creative process that the author perhaps did not intend to share. The ultimate argument is that even in its raw form there is important value to the world.

The Trial by Franz Kafka, The First Man by Albert Camus, Ian Fleming’s The Man With the Golden Gun, The Pale King by David Foster Wallace, The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens, A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway all went to print in versions the author did not finish or approve of.

Below, is the writing of a pastor I met in Jerusalem in 2004, who for many years wrote a love-filled, insightful, and caring email on the situation of Israel and Palestine. It is not common for insight and love to accompany writing on the relationship between Palestine and Israel.

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