All Five Senses In Bratislava

Reduta and the Slovak Philharmonic

July 17, 2017

Allan Stevo

Last Saturday, I attended a concert given by the Slovak Philharmonic.  A little out of character, they performed pieces from Indiana Jones films, The Pirates of the Caribbean films, and the Harry Potter films.

Listening to the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra play has always been a highlight of my time spent in Slovakia and this day was no different.  As a child I never imagined how many people in cooperation it took to play the anthem of adventure that is Indiana Jones’s theme music.

The event was intended for families with young children
I hadn’t realize that the event was targeted toward kids, until I had bought the tickets and read the words “Children’s Event” printed on them in Slovak.  Nonetheless, I could think of dozens of adult friends of mine who would want to sit and listen to these songs.  Someone at the Slovak Philharmonic had evidently realized that live performances of songs from popular movie scores is a way to draw an adult as well as a child into a lifelong appreciation of the symphony.

On stage alongside the conductor was an actor (who doubled as a mime) emceeing the event and explaining to the audience (composed mostly of kids under 10 and their parents) what was about to happen.  He offered a few jokes and a few practical hints as well, such as teaching the kids when to clap, or how to say conductor in Slovak (dirigent), and demonstrating how important songs were for creating emotion in movies.

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