The Media Has Helped Lead The American People To This Moment In History And Now They Blame Donald Trump

American Journalism

September 27, 2017

Allan Stevo

“If it bleeds, it leads,” is a long held maxim in journalism. The concept being that the more effectively you can terrify a person, the more readers, listeners, and viewers you will have, and correspondingly the more you can charge for advertising. Media, for decades, has, in many ways, been a race to the bottom, a search for the absolute lowest in society.

Suicides are heavily reported on, the gorier the better, despite a nearly undeniable copycat effect. Violent crimes are heavily covered, as well as acts of terror, both of which produce the same copycat effect. Programmers, after all, don’t exist with the benefit of the individual viewer in mind. They exist with detail to ratings and ad revenue.

Decades of the boob tube and it’s surrogates spewed on a smart, though relatively uneducated American public, has turned many into boobs. Many more of us than ever before end up graduating from high school. Many more of us end up in college. Many more of us end up with advanced degrees. Yet we are more lacking in common sense, empathy, and human connection than ever.

Horrible progressive nonsense is thrown at us day and night with every media titan’s agenda mixed in. We are told subtly that the Constitution is the enemy, capitalism is the enemy, traditional values are the enemy.

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