Is Discrimination Wrong ?

A clever holiday display from Veselka in New York's East Village. Photo: Allan Stevo

A clever holiday display from Veselka in New York’s East Village.

In Defense of the Customer

September 10, 2017

Allan Stevo

Last night I went to my favorite Slavic restaurant in the United States, where I have all of my favorite servers. For some reason I ended up with a Jamal serving me, some guy I never met before.

I don’t go to that restaurant for Moroccan tagine or Tex-mex fajitas or some generic American food like corned beef hash, I go there to feel more in touch with my Slavic roots and to eat some of the soul food of the Slavic kitchen.

I want that to be accomplished by a Vitali or a Piotr or a Jano, or at least some guy who’s trying. Though I recognize that there are Slavs named Jamal, and that Bosnia is Muslim and Slavic, the Middle Eastern Jamal doesn’t fit that restaurant or my needs when I walk into that door. He’d be great at some personality-less Denny’s or at a place that isn’t a cultural experience for me. He would also be great in a place where I want Muslim culture, especially Middle Eastern Muslim as opposed to Nigerian Muslim culture or Pakistani Muslim culture. But ultimately, for the reasons I step foot in that place, Jamal does not belong at a Slavic restaurant.

Is that wrong of me to say? Absolutely not. I know what I want and need and if I keep getting a Jamal I’ll just stop going to that restaurant. Discrimination is good. It is proper. It is the act of distinguishing between a greater experience and a lesser experience and stating an interest in moving toward the greater.

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Photo credit: Allan Stevo

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