Why Britain Needs A Second Amendment

Self-Defense in the U.K.

June 15, 2017

Allan Stevo

“This item first appeared at The Libertarian Republic on May 26, 2017.”

Britain’s at war and the British people just don’t know it yet. Put as much military as you want on the street. It won’t change a thing. In uniform, the military merely show attackers what places to avoid. The military can’t be everywhere.

What’s the alternative? Mass deportation of Muslims? Even Muslims born at home? Closing of mosques with extremist imams? Government suppression does not work well in these moments. And to deport all Muslims would be an example of tyranny even if just one Muslim in all of the U.K. were not plotting an attack on his countrymen.

A problem caused by too much government imposition on a population cannot be solved with more government imposition on a population. It can only be solved by effectively releasing the governmental restrictions on society.

The amazingly resilient British people, who so bravely saw their society shaped by air raids and evacuations, can surely put up with a great deal of responsibility and rise to the occasion.

It is the responsibility of every British person to watch for trouble and to intervene in trouble, to train to identify trouble and to act on that training. It is not their responsibility to their government, it is not their responsibility because they are British, it is instead their responsibility to themselves and their loved ones because they are adults.

Britain’s terrible state subsidized immigration policy has led to this situation. And in a moment like this, British people have been prevented from defending themselves. Innocent people have been disarmed. Innocent people have been cajoled into believing that the bobbies will take care of everything for them.

Let a man be armed and he becomes that much more attuned to his surroundings. He becomes a more responsible man. His every step becomes more vigilant, because his every step becomes a step of consequence. The people of the U.K. deserve the right to keep and bear arms. Any other policy is a regressive step away from the Western focus on the importance of the individual. That focus is at the center of the beautiful grouping of culture we call Western culture.

As of now, many law-abiding people are walking around looking down at their iPhones. Just like any Western country. It’s a distracted situation that benefits the authorities. The unknown citizen need not ever learn to be a hero as far as the authorities are concerned. British poet W.H. Auden taught us that lesson. The authorities would prefer not to have to deal with the discomfort that their freedom would bring. More significantly than benefitting the authorities, it benefits those who would do innocent people harm.

The authorities are simply unable to be everywhere, no matter how much of a police state the UK becomes. The least they could do is allow the British population the right to self-defense.

Allan Stevo writes on Slovak culture at www.52inSk.com. He is from Chicago and spends most of his time traveling Europe and writing. You can find more of his writing at www.AllanStevo.com. If you enjoyed this post, please use the buttons below to like it on Facebook or to share it with your friends by email. You can sign up for emails on Slovak culture from 52 Weeks in Slovakia by clicking here.

Photo credit: The Libertarian Republic

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  • It’s ironic that I read this blog to help me wrap my head around a culture I’m unfamiliar with; and instead find you failing to wrap your head around mine.

    We don’t want them. The last poll I saw (2010) put “gun laws should be relaxed” at 4% of respondents, with 38% saying restrictions should be tighter, and 31% saying restrictions should be absolute. We overwhelmingly don’t want firearms, and we don’t appreciate police officers being armed needlessly either.

    From 1970 through 1984, 2,211 people died in terrorist attacks in the UK. From 1985 through 1999, 1,094. From 2000 through 2015, just 90. This decade so far has had our lowest number of fatalities to terrorism since the 60s. This isn’t new. It certainly isn’t worth changing our way of life over. To do so would be to lose.

    You’re more likely to be killed by a bee. Perhaps we should instead arm ourselves with epipens.

  • Pauline Mably

    Jun 25th, 2017

    I used to like your articles but having read this utter bullshit I have no intention of ever reading anything you wrore again. If you want to look at how effective arming the population is at keeping the population safe take a look at the USA – I would not want to live there for any amount of money as it is just not a safe country. The police and the population are all terrified and trigger happy and the number of people being killed by legal guns is just massively out of all proportion to those being killed by terrorists in the uk right now.

    If you had stuck to articles about life in Slovakia I would have happily kept reading. As soon as you start polluting my digital space with your whacko racist views on terrorism I want nothing to do with them. I subscribed to a newsletter about living in Slovakia not some rant about the need to own guns in the U.K. And the horror of immigration. Keep your biews on this to whacko websites that I can avoid and keep your awful thoughts as far away from me as you can please.

  • William Stern

    Jun 25th, 2017

    Paula, this blog doesn’t sound like a rant to me. It doesn’t sound like a whacko writing. You on the other hand sound like a little of both.

    Calling it racism is a surprise, since the blog defends the civil rights of every innocent person involved, which is way more than the U.K. government is doing these days. He states that it’s wrong to group a person together because of the misbehavior of someone else in that demographic. Even if he weren’t saying that, it still wouldn’t be racism, because Islam isn’t a race you whacko, it’s a religion and people of every skin color and country can be Muslims. You actually sound a little racist since you’re trying to say all Muslims are the same race. What’s wrong with you? Do you live in a cave or something?

    Maybe you don’t like that Stevo makes it an issue of religion, but when radical Muslims are blowing people up, I don’t think that Stevo is the one who is making it an issue of religion. He’s stating a reality that he could have stated more clearly – that radical Islam is the enemy. Some people don’t want to say that because it hurts people’s feelings. Stevo might be one of those people.

    I like that Stevo talks about Slovakia and sometimes it’s good that he talks about the rest of the world too to puts it in context. I come here to have a look at all his writing. And the stuff that doesn’t interest me, I don’t click on. Is that so hard?

    It’s too bad you’ll never read his stuff again. You even wrote that his writing on life in Slovakia make you happy. So basically, because you can’t handle a difference of opinion on one blog post, you are going to punish yourself by not reading stories you like from that writer and climbing deeper in your cave far away from different opinions? That sounds pretty illogical to me, and if I were you I would have been embarrassed to put my name next to such foolish views.

    The thing about life in the U.S. you could probably use more research because you don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t recognize the failure of policy in the U.K.

    I wonder if the United States will be willing to come help your pitiful country again when your country is in ruins from your whacko failed policies. WW2 comes to mind. Other times come to mind. It’s whacko how smart you guys think you are. Self righteousness always backfires on you. It wouldn’t hurt to learn to talk to others instead of being so self-righteous. Your rant comes to mind.

    Instead of trying to shut up Stevo you should be trying to get him to share more ideas. We should all be talking about the U.K.’s policies. Your screwy island’s policies are affecting the entire European Union right now and more. People with whacko policies always want other people not to talk about their whacko policies. They like their whackiness to be ignored. That’s you.

    So basically you’re the lady ranting, being a whacko, and being racist, but Stevo is the one to blame for writing about your island, because how dare Stevo ever talk about your island. He should just keep his writing on little Slovakia.

    Paula Mably, I hope Stevo isn’t too sad to see you go. And I hope he writes more stuff that gets under people’s skin. Society is a little too sensitive these days.

  • “Armed society is a polite society”. I agree with the author – the common man has the same right to be protected from violence at his home and in public space as the wealthy and the public officials. – The British way of life’s no longer appealing to a large and potentially violent sub-culture that’s a part of the nation now – the people closest to it must be allowed to defend it. – In addition to the Second Amendment, the Brits could also use the First. –

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