13 Slovak Words For The Venerable Potato


Update: As of November 18, 2011, thanks to the help of the many people who did investigated this topic and wrote me about it, this article contains 31 Slovak words for potato.

Words for Potato

August 9, 2017

Allan Stevo

It may come as no surprise to many that potatoes play a special role in Slovak culture.  In some parts of the country a peasant meal of some potatoes, some fatty bacon, and some milk cooked together make for a comfort food on a cold wet, day. The “national dish” is aged sheep cheese mixed into potato dumplings with bacon and lard drizzled on top.  Where there aren’t potatoes, there’s at least bread, and sometimes rice, but often enough, I’ve been served a little rice AND a little potatoes on one plate.  Potatoes are a staple in these lands.

I believe potatoes are part of the reason I’ve felt a Slovak appreciation for the Irish.  The impoverished Irish had their potato famine and many ultimately ran to America to escape the turmoil of home.  How dire life would be if for years the potato crop were abysmal in Slovakia.  Some cultures can empathize with the Irish, Slovaks can sympathize with them.  They know how important a good harvest of potatoes can be to having a good year.

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