11 Things I Didn’t Expect In America

11 Things I Didn’t Expect In America

September 6, 2017

Allan Stevo

I love sitting with Slovaks who’ve just returned from the U.S. and hearing their observations about my homeland.  As long as I can avoid feeling offended about anything and can create an open atmosphere for an exchange of ideas, I often hear some fascinating observations about the United States.  Below I will share just a few of them.  Maybe in the comments section below, you can add a few of your own.

1. ) In American movies everyone is so beautiful, but no one in America actually looks the way they do in the movies. This perhaps says something about the low quality of the Slovak film industry – the people they cast look like regular people.  At the same time, it may say something about the high quality of the Slovak gene pool – the people on the street look like they could be in movies. In America, it’s normal to expect that an average person won’t spend four hours in a gym each day; he or she has other things to do.  A professional actor can, however.  I don’t think this is a criticism of American people, but more a realization that the American film industry is so effective at finding actors and actresses that fit its description of “talent” – looks, brains, ability, appeal, feel.

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