The United States Of America Is Not The Most Perfect Place In The World For Freedom

A sunrise over the Atlantic. Photo:Allan Stevo

A sunrise over the Atlantic.


September 12, 2016

Allan Stevo

The most perfect place in the world for freedom is inside the mind of a free man. He radiates freedom and ensures that all around him will be free. He can accept no lower standard than that.

Freedom travels alongside the man who refuses to be anything but free. He will find freedom in the foothills of the Tatra mountains among shepherds who know no limit to their freedom just as well as he will in the back alleys of Macao as rough men burn their money on games of mahjong. The free man remains free:

While undergoing exit interviews in Tel Aviv, not entry interviews to enter the country, but exit interviews to be let out of the country on a plane;

While being stripped naked and harassed by secret police in Germany, made to stand in the center of a room under a spotlight for many hours because he wore a beard;

While being detained by special forces in Indonesia because he went on a walk that took a wrong turn and accidentally breached a security barrier that was insecure.

In all of this, the free man remains free.

Those who seek to limit his freedom will find him occasionally. The free man will handle them. He will maintain his frame of mind and his emotional state. His internal environment are entirely within his control. No one can take that from him.

Everywhere the free man rests his head, a little piece of paradise is there with him, perhaps that paradise surrounds him for a great distance, perhaps it does not go beyond the limits of his mind. And that mind may be described as one without apparent limits. The mind of a free man, is the most perfect place in the world for freedom and creates the ideal conditions for freedom to prosper.

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Photo credit: Allan Stevo

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