Czechoslovakia Will Be Forever With Us

Long Live Czechoslovakia ?

August 31, 2016

Allan Stevo

Naturally, lots of people still use the term Czechoslovakia as if it is a country. This is despite the fact that it hasn’t been a country for 24 years. It’s what they remember and just like they say about dogs, it can sometimes be hard to teach an old (or young) human new tricks. From that perspective, for the next 80 years, Czechoslovakia will be with us, at least until a large portion of people who were alive in the year 1993 pass from the earth.

From another perspective though one might wonder if Czechoslovakia will forever be with us. When a person misspeaks to a member of the media, they can be spoken to by such uppity people and attacked as if no one in the media ever makes a mistake. The media is certainly not among the most intellectually selective industries. Many people in the media tend to be duds.

This uppity attitude that is so prevalent in the media makes it all the more amusing when someone in the media makes a mistake. Careful readings of media sources show constant mistakes in the media yet only a small number of retractions. I’ve been giving interviews and misquoted by the media since I’ve been in high school, along with basic facts of a story almost never being accurately depicted. The fact that so many members of the media are so prone to error and at the same time have such bad attitudes when other do the same is a hypocrisy that is not lost on me.

Small fact checking that doesn’t take place is one thing and can be hard to catch the media on. It surprised even me however when I was listening to a Chicago radio station and heard Sunday 12/27/2015 at 10:36pm, Chicago’s WBBM Newsradio 780, quote “the prime minister of Czechoslovakia.”

Czechoslovakia is a country that was formed after World War I in 1921? and split briefly during World War II before continuing as Czechoslovakia until January 1, 1993 in what is know as the Velvet Divorce.

The Velvet Divorce is a very different type of split than what was seen when Yugoslavia split into Slovenia (peacefully), Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Czechoslovakia is a very, very peaceful place and the natives of that place, especially the Czechs and Slovaks very very peaceful people. That was 23 years ago that the country of Czechoslovakia became a part of history and ceased to exist.

Little old grannies who never knew any other country in that land other than Czechoslovakia still call it that. I get the feeling though that when uppity reporters and academics continue to use the term that it is a country name that will always be with us.

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