Where Can I Buy Oblatky In The U.S.?

Oblatky / Oplatky

February 18, 2012

Allan Stevo

In this Christmastime article and the article before that, the eating of oblatky at Christmas was mentioned.  Perhaps a little more American than Old World, my own family kept with the tradition, but eliminated the use of garlic.  This is fitting with recent discussions on part of American culture being a preference to the sweet in life rather than sweet and bitter in relation to each other.

The church I grew up in Blue Island, Illinois supplies oplatky to its members as a symbolic way of keeping the traditions of old. That means that each Christmas I sit down and start the Christmas meal with oblatky whether that be in the U.S. or in Slovakia.

It occurred to me a few days ago that some readers out there might not have that same luxury of having church-supplied oblatky, but might still want to break oplatky with the family at the yuletide table.  If you are near Blue Island, Illinois, and in a bind, you can call St. Peter and Paul at (708) 388-3587 before Christmas and you can probably get ahold of a few oplatky.


Anonymous Oplatky / Oblatky Suggestions

Other than that I wasn’t sure where one might find oplatky, so I addressed the question to the folks at Slovak World on Yahoo Groups.  And got the following suggestions.

  • The Catholic Company – North Carolina

Jacqueline writes: “It’s the first time I have used this company and they were wonderful.”

The Catholic Company
615 East Westinghouse Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28273


  • The Slovak Institute – Ohio

Paul Writes: “The Slovak Institute in Cleveland, OH sells them. I received mine in the mail yesterday. Check them out on the web.”  www.slovakinstitute.com

  • The Slovak Store and All Saints Church – Pennsylvania

Kathleen Writes: “The Slovak Store in Grove City, Pa. sells it –  All Saints Church, Etna, Pa. sells it.”

  • Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New York

Helene Writes: “Oplatky can be obtained from the nuns at St Cyril’s in Danville, PA and also there is an address in Lewistown, NY. The Slovak group in Cudahy, Wisconsin gathers to make oplatky with antique wafer irons and sells them in a fund-raising effort.”

  • Oplatki.Com

J.J. Writes: “I have used http://www.oplatki.com/ in the past and again this year. They ship the same day they receive payment.”

  • The Polish Art Center in Michigan

Janie Writes: “The Polish Art Center in Michigan. Can call in an order by phone – but look at web-site first to see the different Oplatki that they have available.” www.polartcenter.com 888-619-9771


Relying on Random Websites

I also did a Google search that turned up the following, but I would any day of the week go with a recommendation from someone on Slovak World before I would randomly seek out oblatky.

A website called “Pure Polish” sells oplatky and this  Slovak Pentecostal Church in Racine, Wisconsin makes oblatky for sale.  I’ve also noticed that some ethnic stores in the U.S., such as your local Polish deli might sell oblatky at this time of year.

Might any other readers know of a way to get oblatky for Christmas, either in the U.S. or in the country in which you are currently located?  Please, leave a note below if you know a trusted oplatky supplier that you have used in the past.  Please be as concrete as possible.  On behalf of those poor souls who might otherwise have been without oblatky / oplatky on Christmas, I’d like to thank you in advance for sharing this information.

Allan Stevo writes on Slovak culture at www.52inSk.com.  He is from Chicago and spends most of his time travelling Europe and writing.  You can find more of his writing at www.AllanStevo.com.  If you enjoyed this post, please use the buttons below to like it on Facebook or to share it with your friends by email.  You can sign up for emails on Slovak culture from 52 Weeks in Slovakia by clicking here.

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  • But, Stevo, the real question is:
    Where can I get Kofola in the US?

  • Sean,
    Great question. It sounds like the answer is Amazon.com.

  • daniele laman

    Feb 18th, 2012

    Christmas Wafer company sells oplatky in bulk (good prices)

  • I personaly use store in New York called Slovak-czech varieties. They have website http://www.slovczechvar.com and deliver across US. They don’t only have oplatky but also mentioned Kofola and many many others. Their service is prompt and I am very happy doing business with them.

  • I used to get oplatky from Catholic church in south Charlotte, St.Vincent de Paul church, but their oplatky weren’t quite as good as real slovak oplatky, they missed on sweetness and crispiness. So personally I rather go for true slovak product.

  • Allan Stevo,
    I sell oplatky machines. Right now I have 2 on order.
    As for Kofola, I can order that from Slovakia.


    Daniel Kisha

  • Daniel,
    Thank you for mentioning the oplatky machines.

  • Thye church that I attend in the Cleveland area has for years made oblatky at Christmas. This is a treat that we look forward to each year. The church used to be called Dr. Martin Luther Slovak Evangelical Lutheran Church, but now the name has been shortened to Dr. Martin Luther Luthern Church.

  • Olga,
    I’ve met some very good people who attended or were otherwise affiliated with Dr. Martin Luther. Thank you for adding them to the list of places to find oplatky.

  • Since 2002 when volunteer starting at the Slovak Institute we have advertised by mail and in Slovak fraternal publications that we offer for sale Oplatky, plus Slovak language Christmas cards and Easter cards. We have sold at least 2000 oplatky every Christmas to these pay in advance customers. The Slovak Institute is not in operation as place of selling but for seasonal things such as these we find the time to handle mail-in orders.

  • Joe,
    Thank you for the oplatky information.

  • For MD/VA/DC readers- I got my oplatky at the Kielbasa factory located on Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD.

  • Ludmilla,
    Thank you for the oplatky suggestion.

  • Allan,
    I attend Pentecost Lutheran Church in Racine,WI (it is misquoted above). We do make oplatky every year, one oplatky at a time from a handmade oplatky griddle iron. They are for sale. We have packages of 6 or 12. We do take orders-please see our website (www.pentecost-racine.org). When we crack a wafer we cut it up for communion wafers. I must say our church is spoiled having great taking communion wafers. Blessed Christmas to all ! Narodil-sa-vam spasitel

  • Dr Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church

    Oct 27th, 2014

    Hello, I am the Witness Board Director at Dr Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church and we will be making the traditional Oblatky. Feel free to order a package or if you require a large quantity call in advance. CALL MY HOME AND LEAVE A MESSAGE. 440 887 0625 Dan

  • Dan,
    That’s helpful to know. I’m sure plenty will appreciate hearing that. If anyone else is making oblatky to sell to others, please feel free to post information on that here. Thank you.

  • […] of many a Slovak no matter where that Slovak is in the world.  If you’ve wondered where to buy oplatky in the U.S. this article is for […]

  • I “re-acquired” an electric oplatky iron last year. My maternal grandfather, Rev Andrew Hibian, was the pastor of a Slovak Lutheran Church in PA, and commissioned this iron from the Messmer Company of Cincinnati, OH around 1919 (patent for the iron was issued in 1918) My mother’s family provided Oplatky to many of the Slovak Zion Synod churches for many years. It was then sold to another Slovak Pastor, in the Chicago area. When they decided to sell, it went to a family from a third Slovak Lutheran church, in Blue Island. After years of searching, I was finally able to purchase it and bring it back into the family. Made of flour and water, the oplatky are oval, with a raised design, “Slava na vysostech bohu a na zemi pokoj” – Glory to God in the highest, and on earth Peace, IHS with cross in center and 4 smaller circles at each corner
    (Olga N. My Uncle, Rev. Vladimar Hibian, was a pastor at Dr. Martin Luther Church in Cleveland for many years, so your ancestors could have used some of these oplatky)
    Other than to provide family and Slovak friends, I have not decided how big I want to go with “production” but you are welcome to comment to this. I have photos of the oplatky and the iron.
    There is another type of Oplatky that was a sweet version, made for more of a treat than Christmas tradition. Perhaps that is what you are trying to locate. I have a recipe, but have not attempted them on my iron, as they were not part of my tradition.

  • If I remember correctly, the oplatky from Racine WI are the sweeter version that some of you seem to recall.

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