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October 29, 2012 (posted October 31, 2012)

Allan Stevo

As I read the news I always keep an eye out for interesting articles on Slovakia. These are articles about Slovakia that caught my eye over the past week or so.

Uranium Mine Suggested For Slovakia
Behind France and Lithuania, Slovakia is the third highest nation in the EU in terms of what percentage of electric needs come from nuclear. According to this article, only one uranium mine currently exists in the European Union, requiring the member states to import uranium from outside of the EU. A company is seeking to open the second EU uranium mine in Slovakia.

Improving Slovak Nuclear

Slovak nuclear plants have been encouraged to improve emergency performance and safety by updating their diesel backup generators.

Education In Slovakia
An interview in which a researcher on Roma (Gypsy) education in Slovakia illustrates problems and suggestions.

Unemployed Slovaks Hurt By Latest Law
All other things being equal, the more expensive a service costs, the less that service will be utilized by consumers. The Slovak government, in the midst of a financial crisis, has passed legislation making employment more expensive. All things being equal, the net effect will be lower employment. This is sad news for the Slovak worker and for the sizable unemployed population of Slovakia. Of course, such changes in legislation will always be touted by proponents as worker-friendly.

Indians and Slovaks Agree on British Imperialism

Slovakia and Indian Protestors Unite Over the Smug New Form of British Imperialism – Abducting the Children of Foreign Visitors Who Don’t Raise Their Children Like A Proper British Family.

Entertainment Industry Bullies Try to Extort Money From Slovak High school Students

For the time being, Slovakia is the land of vibrant illegal downloads. This is a good thing because distribution channels into Slovakia are so poor that there is no other way that up and coming stars would be able to start developing a following in Slovakia and many other countries like it. Paulo Coehlo learned this. After Russian publishers rejected his work as commercially unviable , he became a literary sensation in Russia after fans illegally put Coehlo’s work online free of charge. To this day Coehlo blesses the acts of illegal downloads as they are quite often good for the artist, good for the fan, but bad for music industry trade groups, lawyers, and executives who are having a hard time understanding that times have changed.  In this article, a Slovak trade group tried to charge Slovak high school students a fee for playing music at their graduation party (stuzkova).  All at once, 6 million Slovaks laughed at the trade group.

Slovakia Disappears

The Wall Street Journal mentions Slovakia in the introductory paragraph then seems to forget about the country for the rest of the article.

Slovak Train Rear Ends Another Train

Slovak train rear ends another Slovak train sending 21 passengers to the hospital.

From Nebraska to Slovakia

A Nebraskan city council member goes to Slovakia to get new ideas on how to do his job.

Stick ’em Up!

Irish authorities seize €99.9K from a Slovak man.


German and Slovak researchers have asked for increased monitoring in rivers of the antibacterial and antimicrobial chemical triclosan used in items such as toothpaste and exercise clothes.

Volkswagen Slovakia

Volkswagen Slovakia adds to investments in Slovak plants in the midst of plant closings in other parts of Europe.

Lonely Planet Likes Slovakia

After a long, long history of barely paying attention to Slovakia in its guidebooks, Lonely Planet recently started publishing guidebooks with a positive spin on Slovakia, written by people who like Slovakia.

Last week, Lonely Planet announced its top ten list of countries to visit – Slovakia was included on the top ten list, as #5, along with –  Sri Lanka, Montenegro, South Korea, Ecuador, the Solomon Islands, Iceland, Turkey, the Dominican Republic and Madagascar.

Ski in Slovakia

Great article on Slovakia as an awesome ski destination.

Any other interesting stories about Slovakia that you’ve noticed out there? If so, feel free to include a link in the comments section. Any thoughts on the latest news? Thank you.

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