Photographs: Hockey Statues Around Bratislava

Below are ten photos of statues that were positioned around Bratislava during the IIHF World Ice Hockey Championships.  The Championships were held during the last week of April and the first two weeks of May 2011. Bratislava and Kosice both played host.

It was hard to walk into a pub or restaurant without finding a hockey game on or being replayed during those weeks.  And it was hard to walk more than a few steps without seeing someone wearing the colors of a visiting hockey team, or wearing Slovak hockey jerseys.  Lots of Slovaks love hockey, as I’ve pointed out in other articles on this site.

The pictures below were sent to me by a visitor to Bratislava – Peter Propper.  Thank you to Peter for sharing them.   Scroll over each picture to read its caption, pointing out where each picture was taken.  Can you name each spot in Bratislava without peeking at the captions?   Enjoy the photos.   –  Allan

Peter Propper’s photos of Bratislava, as well as other photos can be seen by following this link to his Flickr page.

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  • John Hochberger

    Jun 18th, 2011

    I love the photo of that cool paparazzi statue with the Slovak hockey jersey! I remember that statue from when we visited Bratislava, but he wasn’t wearing the jersey then. Now I want to go back and see it again!

  • Mary Ann Novak

    Oct 8th, 2011

    I just returned from Bratislava this week — whatever happened to all these very cool statues?

  • Mary Ann,
    I’m sorry to report that very quickly after the hockey championships came to an end, they were pulled out. I personally think the hockey statues could have been left a while longer and I would like them to have been left a while longer.

    I think the Russian statue had been mildly defaced – someone wrote something on the helmet, if I remember correctly. And maybe, another statue lost either its hockey puck or its hockey stick. You know, when you have a rowdy crowd of hockey fans visiting the city from all over, that’s bound to happen here and there. It would have been nice if the statues could have stayed a few months. They were part of the fun atmosphere of the city.

    I do not know the specific reason for them being pulled up so quickly – I imagine though that someone wanted to hang onto them and didn’t want then getting further damaged. I hope the wedding was fantastic.


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